Inner Lip Tattoo – Want to Get a Tattoo Inside Your Lip?

Looking for a unique place to get a tattoo? Or a place no one would ever see it unless you showed them? If so, an inner lip tattoo may be a good choice. Typically, a tattoo inside the mouth is found on the bottom inner lip. Until recently, inner lip tattoos were not sought by people, and are still not very common. Inner lip tattoos originated from a procedure by horse owners, who branded their names into their horse’s inner lip. There are many benefits to getting a tattoo inside your lip:

Hidden: An inner lip tattoo is not visible to people without it being shown to them, which is a benefit if your employer is not fond of tattoos. So if you want a special memory, and don’t want everyone who sees your tattoo asking questions about it, an inner lip tattoo is a good idea. Also, if your parents or significant other is a person who does not enjoy tattoos, they will never know you have it because it will be concealed.

Design: Inner lip tattoos are limited to small designs or letters. Because there is not a large amount of space inside the lip, simple tattoos that do not require the tattoo artist to do a lot of strokes using the tattoo machine are necessary. This usually means that black tattoos are best. Names or words are becoming common designs people choose to get inside their bottom lip. Just because the tattoo has to be small and lack color, does not mean it can’t be unique and meaningful!

Price: Because the tattoo is confined to the inside of the lip, it must be small, so the price is usually reasonable. Details, such as color and design, which larger tattoos require, are costly. Luckily, mouth tattoos are compact and simple allowing you to get an affordable tattoo. A tattoo on your inner lip is an awesome way to hide a tattoo while still getting a memory that will last forever. A lip tattoo is a unique way to get a lasting memory that will not take up room on your skin, and leave more canvas (skin) for other tattoos. Good luck on your future inking adventures!


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