Rose Tattoo – A Symbol of a Pure Love

The rose is a symbol of a pure love. It is the ultimate floral symbol because of it’s beauty, shape and scent. The rose is still the most the most requested and the most popular when we are speaking of all flower tattoo designs. It is very popular not only to women but for men as well.

The rose is also a symbol of chastity, purity and passion. It reigns supreme as the most beloved of all flowers. When it comes to tattoo, a single red rose means that a person is in love while a thorn less rose means love at first sight. A yellow rose is a symbol of joy, light pink for sympathy and admiration, white for reverence and orange for enthusiasm.

The white rose was the symbol of virginity in medieval times. Red covers every kind of love, both romantic and sacred. Since humans first encountered the rose, its beauty, exquisite scent and variety have inspired saints, artists and lovers.

Roses represent beauty and love for the Greeks and Romans. It is compared to the goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. It is also used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Early Christians first associated the Roman enemies as the rose. It became a mark of scorn, but it became a symbol of the survival of persecution eventually. But the Christians adopted the rose later on as a symbol of a miracle. They were won over by its fabulous beauty.

The rose is the national flower of England and United States. It is also the provincial flower of the Yorkshire and Lancashire in England, the white and the red rose respectively. A red rose is used by British, French, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Brazilian and other European labor as a symbol of socialism or social democracy. The red rose is often used as a gift during Valentines Day to show love and respect to a special someone.

Many tales and legends considered the rose as a symbol of love and delight. But as a tattoo design, the rose is simply a symbol of expression of a person’s feelings of love that is pure towards another person.


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